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Rules and Frequently Asked Questions
How many weeks is a session?
Typically a session is 8 weeks long and one week of playoffs.

What time will we play?
All league games begin at 6pm with games following at 7pm, 8pm 9pm and 10pm. We ask that all teams arrive 10 to 15 minutes early so that when it your time to play you are ready to go. You will have 5 minutes before your match to warm up on the court you are playing on.

When will receive a schedule?
Team Captains will receive the schedules via email in advance of the night you are to play. They will receive only the first week schedule upfront as to limit confusions with multiple schedules. This is being done to allow additional teams into the league after the first week. Following the 1st week the full schedule will again be provided to the captains and posted on our website.

What are the games played to and what kind of scoring is used?
All leagues will play 3 games to 21 which is a hard capped number, meaning that the first team to 21 wins. There is no win by 2 in the league play. We also use rally point scoring which means everything is a point. Your referee is responsible for updating your scores online. The referee will enter number of wins and points the team scored against your team. The points against is for tie breaking purposes only as it relates to playoffs and seeding for the playoffs.

What happens when a league doesn't have a referee who enters the scores?
This only applies to the 2's leagues, all other leagues will have a referee supplied. In the bar on the announcement wall will be a sheet for your league and your team, which requires individual teams to write down how many wins and losses they had and how many points against were scored against you. If you do not fill out a particular week or chose not to write down your scores you will receive 3 losses and 63 points against. The director of the league will enter your scores online.

How many teams make playoffs?
This is on a league by league basis. In some cases all the teams will make playoffs in others only the top 8. If all teams have the same numbers of games then it will be on wins versus losses. However in many cases we end up with the teams having played an odd number of games. This happens when we have an odd number of teams or have teams join the league late. When a league has a team or teams with an odd number of games your win percentage will dictate if you make playoffs. This calculated number of wins divided by total games played. If there are ties in number of wins or in win percentage then we use points against as the tiebreaker.

What is the format for playoffs?
For playoff teams this night is win or go home. Teams will play the best 2 out of 3 format. The exact structure as to points and whether it will be hard capped or not will be on the playoff sheets for each individual league. Typically the early rounds are capped and semi finals and finals are not capped.

Can you make substitutions during a match?
A team may substitute a player during a match but may only do so as a server.

What if a player on your roster cannot make your League Match?
You may substitute a player that is not on your roster. However, you cannot substitute a player on your team from a higher level division. This means that an advance player cannot go down and sub with intermediate team and an intermediate player cannot go down and play with recreational team. No exceptions.

What if a player on your roster cannot make your teams Playoff Night?
Players must be on roster from the start for playoffs. You may add to your roster for the first 2 weeks of the session, then it is final. In the event a player on your roster cannot play during playoffs due to injury or other circumstance, then you can pull a "single" player from another team that loses in the playoffs. However, you cannot pull a player from a higher division to play for your team, however you can pull a player from the same level. You cannot bring a player in playoffs that not has played in the league previously.

Update after Summer I 2017: You are allowed only 1 player to sub for your team during playoffs.

How many females are required to be on the court at any time?
All leagues unless specifically specified are coed leagues. For 4's one female is required to be on the court at all times. For 6's two females are required to be on the court at all times.

Is there an age requirement?
We do not have age requirement, but we do require that a child under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult. That adult will be required to sign the waiver on behalf of the child.

What skill level should I play?
Recreational Players:
If your new to the game or just want to have fun this is the league for you. Great for corporate team building and a nice way to meet new friends.

Intermediate Players:
On your way up, this one's for you if you know your way around the court or have played before this league is a nice mix of up and coming players and people who want to have fun.

Advance Players:
This is for the seasoned player. These guy's and girls can play. If you're competitive this league is all you can handle. This is our highest level of play.

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