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109 Bridge Street | Solvay, NY 13209
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The Bridge Street Tavern has been a cornerstone of Solvay nightlife for the better part of 70 years. Through the years we have grown to offer something for everyone. There is always something going on at The Bridge Street.

If sports are your game whether you're a fan or you like to play we offer the best in entertainment. Catch all your favorite teams on our 13 big TV's, all hooked up with Cable, Direct TV and NFL ticket.

If you would rather play we have a 14,000 square ft beach out back featuring one of the largest Beach Volleyball leagues in central New York Plus an indoor beach facility to keep you playing on the beach year round! Plus we have Pool, Darts, Quick Draw and games so you're always going to find something to do at the Bridge Street.

The tavern also sports a large banquet facility accessible through the main bar area with catering and a 2000 square ft patio area with a fully stocked Tiki bar next to our beach to melt your winter blues away. Whether it's the unique interaction you will have with our kitchen staff or our always attentive friendly bar staff you will always feel welcome at the Bridge Street Tavern.
Monday Schedules
Posted: 4/21/2017

NOTE: For all 2's Leagues we have slightly reduced the time slots, therefore it is imperative that you be on time and limit your warm ups. The Bldg is available to warm up.

Intermeidate 2's

6:00 10 vs 2 Ct 2 Bill Park vs Josh Gordon
6:50 5 vs 6 Ct 2 Jenny Dickinson vs Dan Mercado
7:40 3 vs 4 Ct 2 Jamie Bird vs Fabian Lopez
8:30 7 vs 8 Ct 2 Russ Sturtz vs Brian Stanton
9:20 17 vs 9 Ct 2 Curtis Deforge vs Ken Smith
10:00 1 vs 18 Ct 2 Nick Standford vs Scott Fleishman

8:30 11 vs 12 Ct 4 Ken Schiefer vs Barbara Cooke
9:20 13 vs 14 Ct 4 Jennifer Butera vs Scott Miller
10:00 15 vs 16 Ct 4 Kate Logenecker vs Aggi Bak

Advance 2's

6:00 10 vs 2 Ct 3 Matt Nickels vs Mark Evertz
6:50 3 vs 4 Ct 3 Allison Hebel vs Whitney Marshall
7:40 5 vs 6 Ct 3 Fabian Lopez vs Jess Joanis
8:30 7 vs 8 Ct 3 Julia Vint vs Erin Hanlon
9:20 17 vs 9 Ct 3 Kevin Visconti vs Smantha Sambro<3333
10:00 1 vs 18 Ct 3 Tony Mancuso vs Katie Littlejohn

6:00 11 vs 12 Ct 4 Ted Hile vs Jacquelyne Rodriguez
6:50 13 vs 14 Ct 4 Rachelle Russell vs Joshua Rodgers
7:40 15 vs 16 Ct 4 Ashley King vs Katie Beth Scwhartz

Intermediate 4's
6:00 3 vs 4 Ct 1 Emily Zehr vs Todd Canino
7:00 1 vs 2 Ct 1 Noah Townsend vs Joshua Gordon
8:00 5 vs 6 Ct 1 PJ Amedro vs John Burt

Other Recent News

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  • Registration for Spring 2017 Closes Thursday - 1/30/2017

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  • Registration is Open - 10/24/2016

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  • I've Got Your 6 - Volleyball Tournament - 8/22/2016

  • Upcoming Tournaments at the BST - 7/17/2016
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